How Tower Garden Works?

How Tower Garden works?

The space age Tower Garden™ technology took 10 years to fully develop into the product we offer today. It:

  • Highly oxygenates the roots to grow healthy strong plants
  • Feeds the plants a water based mineral solution
  • Produces food in a “green” or sustainable vertical growing system
  • Food safe plastic that will not leach chemicals into the water

Create a highly oxygenated environment for optimal plant growth

In 1997, NASA-sponsored studies aboard the Mir space station.  In 2012, the University of Mississippi compared yield and antioxidant content of crops grown in a Tower Garden with those grown conventionally.  The results were impressive.  Modern research has shown that increased oxygen to the root system helps to prevent disease and improves plant growth. The Tower Garden uses a water based growing system that features a highly oxygenated environment for the plant roots.  It took support from leading world experts in plant and human nutrition to develop the proprietary Tower Tonic plant food we use at Living Towers and in the Tower Garden. The Tower Tonic contains a wide range of specially formulated ionic minerals and plant nutrients. The Tower Tonic is the world’s first high performance ionic mineral solution specifically designed for all types of food and flowering crops.

The Tower Garden™ functions as a “green” or sustainable technology by ustilizing a closed system technology to recycle 100% of the nutrients and water. This means the plants use as little as 5 percent of the nutrients and water that is commonly used in conventional and organic farming.   The plastic used is a USDA Approved Food Grade plastic, so there is no need to worry about the leaching of chemicals. It has also been UV stabilized for years of outdoor use. Finally, the pH balanced ionic minerals and plant nutrients found in the Tower Tonic (Ionic mineral based plant food used in the Tower Garden™), produce strong, healthy plants that can better protect themselves from plant pests and disease. This reduces the use of organic and conventional pesticides.

How Tower Garden Works

How Tower Garden Works

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