Tower Garden Workshop

The next  Tower Garden workshops take place at Living Towers.  You can register for the workshop using the forms below.

  • Saturday July 22nd, 10am – 12pm
  • Saturday August 19th, 10am – 12pm
  • Saturday September 2nd, 10am – 12pm

Living Towers is located at 19621 Lake Lincoln Lane, Eustis Florida, 32736.

The Tower Garden Workshop fee is $25 for an individual or $40 for a couple. Tower Garden Workshop fees are payable when you arrive for the workshop (cash or check only please). Slots are limited and you must RSVP to secure your space(s).  If you have purchased a Tower Garden THROUGH LIVING TOWERS your workshop is FREE! If you who decide to purchase a Tower Garden through Living Towers at the workshop, we will refund your workshop fee. We want you to know that we’re here to help you grow successfully!

Topics Covered
-Setting up a Tower Garden for success
-Choosing your crops
-Organic/non GMO seeds and sources
-Seeding to harvest, everything you need to know
-Master Gardener techniques to care for many common crops
-Mixing and maintaining nutrient minerals for your crops
-How to identify insects and pests
-Organic pest controls and how to use them
-How to grow a Tower Garden year round in Florida
-Q&A to ensure everyone leaves with all their questions answered!

We hope to see you at a Tower Garden Workshop real soon!


Saturday September 2nd

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33 Responses to Tower Garden Workshop

  1. jim kerr says:

    jan, dee and Jason
    as always, I had a great time at the 4-27-14 workshop
    I learned a lot, and I appreciate your expertise
    I also appreciate your quality seedlings
    thank you very much
    jim kerr

  2. Janice Orchard says:

    Will there be workshops in Sept and Oct?

  3. bruce steele says:

    when is next workshop ,i am bruce steele from st petersburg and i just received my kit at the tampa home show with rikkie from orlando i am excited about growing my business and learning more, thank you bruce

  4. Diane Hall says:

    Thank you, we planted our TG approx. 4 weeks ago, it is growing great but we have no idea when and how to pick the vegetables. We are looking forward to coming to the workshop. We also have neighbors that just asked for info on the TG. Regards, Diane Hall

  5. Karen Hyde says:

    it’s been a 2-3 yrs ago I took the workshop and between donating a kidney and recouping from
    Broken femur and a move I need to be re-trained on how to set up and start my garden again.
    Can I bring my tower with me to see what parts I might need to buy? Also I do know my pump burnt out about 16 months after I not my tower so I need
    To buy another one would you have any available to
    Purchase when I come out to workshop? Along with bottles of A & B?
    Thx you
    Karen Hyde

    • Dee says:

      Hi Karen. I’m not sure why this ended up in spam, but it did. I wouldn’t recommend bringing your Tower with you. Just make a note of what you do have and we have almost all of the accessories available for purchase at the farm.

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