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Extreme Weather Shipping Policy

Due to the extreme weather some parts of the country are experiencing we will be invoking our Extreme Weather Shipping policy. We will be monitoring the situation decide tomorrow whether we need to delay shipping orders to some parts of the country.  If you have placed an order that is due to ship tomorrow please check your email to see if your order has been affected.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, unfortunately we are unable to control Mother Nature.snow-storm-926233

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Christmas opening hour and shipping changes


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  The tree is up, the neighborhood is lit and the kids finished school today.  The holiday season is well under way.  To ensure timely delivery of packages and to spend time with our family we have some important changes to tell you about.

Fall and Winter Hours


It’s beautiful today.  I’m sat on the front porch, the windows are open and there’s a cool breeze.  It’s always bitter sweet for me at this time of the year.  The towers love the cooler weather, my daughter loves the cooler weather, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner but it means that our fishing trips in the Atlantic are most likely over for 6 months or so. The seas are just too big!

Strawberry Seedlings Now Available


Strawberries have made the EWGs Dirty Dozen list for at least 5 years and this year they topped the list!  Yes, those bright red, sweet treats have been found to contain more pesticides than any other fruit or vegetable they tested!

But why should you be worried?

From the EWG website – Pesticides are toxic by design. They are created expressly to kill living organisms — insects, plants and fungi that are considered “pests.” Many pesticides pose health dangers to people. These risks have been confirmed by independent research scientists and physicians across the world.

Strawberry seedlings are coming soon…

It’s, quite possibly, my favorite time of year to grow Towers in Florida.  It’s not too hot to be outside, it’s not too cold that I have to worry about a frost.  Bugs start to diminish, and crops just flourish! One crop in particular loves the cooler nights that we start to see in October.  STRAWBERRIES! That means our strawberry seedlings will soon be ready.

Living Towers Opening Hours – Summer Schedule

The plants may love the long summer days, but it can be a bit tough on us!  We will be changing over to our Summer opening hours at the greenhouse, effective June 30th. Of course seedlings can be ordered online and shipped anywhere in the lower 48.  Order at


Tower Garden Cheat Sheet is HERE!

Tower Garden Cheat Sheet

You know what it’s like.  You setup your Tower Garden, you file your Growing Guide in that super safe place.  You know the one.  The one that is so safe it won’t be found again until you move house. You can always download the current Growing Guide from the Tower Garden website but there are a lot of pages and you don’t want it to get wet!