Fall and Winter Hours

It’s beautiful today.  I’m sat on the front porch, the windows are open and there’s a cool breeze.  It’s always bitter sweet for me at this time of the year.  The towers love the cooler weather, my daughter loves the cooler weather, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner but it means that our fishing trips in the Atlantic are most likely over for 6 months or so. The seas are just too big!

Now the temperatures have dropped off we’re happy to announce that from this Tuesday, November 8 our opening hours will change to 10am to 4pm Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.  We’ll stay with these hours until late spring or early summer.



4 Responses to Fall and Winter Hours

  1. Holly Patty says:

    Sat closing hours missing

  2. Audrey Stothers says:

    Are you open on Sunday? It’s in the add Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday hours?

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