Tower Garden Cheat Sheet is HERE!

You know what it’s like.  You setup your Tower Garden, you file your Growing Guide in that super safe place.  You know the one.  The one that is so safe it won’t be found again until you move house. You can always download the current Growing Guide from the Tower Garden website but there are a lot of pages and you don’t want it to get wet!

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Growing Guides

Growing Guide

Download it, save it and have it handy on your computer.

But what if we could put the important things from the growing guide together with the important things not found in the growing guide and have them in one two page, handy dandy document?

Tower Garden Cheat Sheet

Well we have! Laminate it and boom!

Laminated Tower Garden Cheat Sheet


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4 Responses to Tower Garden Cheat Sheet is HERE!

  1. Thanks for making the Cheat Sheet available, can’t wait to get it!

  2. I am having difficulty trying to download the Cheat Sheet. Can you walk me through the process or point me in the right direction, please. I think it is invaluable to any Fla TG grower!

  3. Traci Cole says:

    Kelley Holliday Seaman

  4. Melissa Shaver says:

    Hannah McCool

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